How to increase Crawl budget | Make Google Crawl Website

How to Increase Crawl Budget and Make Google Crawl Website

Know how to increase crawl budget and increase crawl budget seo to index blog page faster. Tricks that will help you know how to get google to reindex site and understand how to increase crawl rate on google which help in increase google crawl frequency. Additional learn how to increase the crawl rate in google search console for better indexing on google fast and make Google Crawl Website
How to increase crawl budget

This article will tell you about Crawl budgets and how you can take benefit of it. You have heard of Google crawl budget, if not then let me explain. Crawl Budget is a kind of limits which is set on your website for all the crawlers that come onto your website. This budgets are fixed by google thats is why your new blog page does not get index faster. 

Ways to Increase Google Crawl Rate significantly

There are some ways to increase google crawl budget for your website. You can increase the budget and can index your page faster which will help you to rank faster on google. Try these steps to know how to increase crawl rate google and Make Google Crawl Website faster than earlier.

1. Post Regularly

Google crawlers know that you have a website that post content. But it doesn't know at which time you post and how many you post. You have to be consistent while posting blog pages for indexing on google.

Publish your blog post at a regular interval and same time. This will help google crawler to understand when you post new content so they will come to your website on that time and crawl everything available on your website and index on google which will increase google crawl rate.

2. Use Time Stamps

It is necessary for you to have a time stamps on your website. Time stamps in blog post helps Google crawlers to know when you post a blog or webpage that will help you to increase crawl budget.

If you want to index faster with good crawl budget then you must have to add time stamps which will increase your crawl budget.

Time stamps will directly tell the bots that you publish the post on this time. Then google bot will keep a record of that timing for upcoming post that help you in indexing faster and better Crawl budget.

3. Re-Submit Sitemap

After every post you need to repost sitemap link and your new page content link on Google search console.

Google search console will help you to index your post faster on google. Google search console also help you to rank on google easier. Submit your link whenever you write and publish new contents.

Re-Submitting will help google crawler to understand that you have new content readily available onto your site.

4. Stop Using Redirect links

Using a lot of redirect decrease the crawl budget so google Crawler will not index your website fast. 

Use less number of redirects on your webpage so that your crawl budget will not get lost. The less redirects you use, the more crawl budget you will have.

Avoid unnecessary Redirects links to save up the crawl budget for the remaining of your webpages and blog pages on which you are working.

5. Increase website Authority

It is found that the more the authority the more the crawl budget is. Work on your website to increase the authority of your website to increase crawl budget.

Increasing website authority will help you to increase your crawl budget effectively. To increase the authority you can try making Backlink for your website domain link.

Backlink will help your website to increase the Authority. Try to get do follow Backlink from authority site or do follow Backlink from edu or gov sites. Backlink from edu and gov sites will boost your website a lot and you can see your authority increasing.

6. Avoid getting penalized

Don't get penalized by google in any on the page of your website. If you have been penalized from google then try to fix that issue fast.

If you got penalized google Crawler will not come on your website and your page will not be crawled by google crawlers. 

Maintaining a good website profile always will help you to get a good and increasing crawl budget that will help you to index faster.

7. Avoid Unnecessary Updates

If you think changing footer so many times will help you to increase the Crawl budget then it will not work. The thing that will work is to focus on publishing content on regular basis to increase the crawl budget.

Focus on good content more it will help you increase crawl rate. A good content with good quality will give you a good crawl budget. Try to write in 1000-1700 words for getting better in making a quality content.

Use images in article which will add more quality to your page that will help to increase the crawl budget and rate to make google crawl website. Try to add 2-3 images per post to make it look more informative for the users who are reading your article.

8. Don't Copy Paste 

If you are working on auto blogging algorithm then stop it. Google don't like copied content at all. Try to write own unique content instead of copying from the internet.

If google find your website is copying content from other websites then your website will not be crawled anymore in future. So it's on you what you want to choose, a better crawl budget or copied content without budget.

Work on writing own unique article rather than copy pasting. Writing unique content will help you increase google crawl rate and also to make more good blog content later on.


By doing all the steps will help you to understand how to increase the crawl budget for your website and to know how to get google to reindex site. Having a better crawl budget will rank your website fast. Work on quality content for better indexing. All the points explained above are tested by me and all the method works incredibly for increasing your crawl budget. Try to work on each point and don't leaves any point that can harm your website. If you still have any queries and questions related to Crawl budget then drop your comment in the comments section.

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