How to index blogger on Google | UPDATED 2022

How to index Blogger on Google

Want to know how to index Blogger on Google. Are you facing issue while indexing? Your blog post not indexed by google and only few or none are indexed? Wordpress post not indexed by google? Here I will explain you How and Why, your post are not getting indexed. I will be also explaining you how to index blogger post in google 2022.
How to index blogger on google

Understand how to index blogspot in Google, Now a days Google has around 56.5 billions of web pages indexed by Google. And it update ( Re-crawl) the website on a fixed crawl budget. So it is not possible for you to forcefully index any of your pages by depending on google SEO and GSC. 

You have to try new different strategy to index blogger post in google fast. By these methods your 8 out of 10 post will definitely get index on Google without having any issue and you also don't have to eat what you have to do some kind of Practice explained below to know how to index blog post in google. I will also clear all doubts of how to get google to index my blog.

1. Do-Follow Backlink 

After you completed your blog post and you have successfully Published it, then the next step is to make some Backlink of that post. Try to make Do-Follow comment or make dofollow external links Backlink this will be easier than that of guest post.

Try to get Do-Follow Backlink from a regular updating website, not a old website because Google crawler does not go on old website regularly but if you do a comment Backlink and get dofollow external links from a regular updating website than it will be easier and faster for Google bot to come on your website from that Backlink.

If any of your article is already present on Google then you can add your new link to that post that is already ranked on Google because Google will crawl that indexed website on a particular basis and it will recognise your new link that you have added then google bots can directly come to your new page.

2. Use Ping Websites

If you are tired with how to index my blog in google try Ping websites, It will tell all the related other website that something new have been update on your website. Then Google bot run to your blog in search of new content then your new blog get indexed. This is how ping websites works and will solve your problem of how to index blog post in google.

Go to Pingler   enter your blog title and page link and select category and then Click Ping!. After that wait till the process get completes. It will take some time because it send your updated page info to so many other locations.

Don't spam all the post link here keep a minimum time limit of 15 minutes. It will help other crawlers to understand well how much content have been updated on your website.

3. Social Media Bot

I am not going to say to share your post on social media and get views and reach. These things is for getting traffic but in this article i will explain how to index your blog on google, this trick also help you in understanding how to get google to index your new website & blog quickly

Make a new account on twitter or use any old account if you already have. Then copy the link of your new article and post on twitter.

Don't just post link directly. Write some 1-2 lines about what that content is all about. It will help the social media crawlers bot to know that there is a link available on that account with that information. So the chances of indexing will increase rapidly. 

You don't need to have any traffic form that social media. You just need to share that with some informations so that google can identify some new kind of content from that link. If you use wordpress it will also help you to know how to index wordpress blog in google

4. External Backlink Trick

This is also important because this will tell google that something new has been uploaded onto your website. External battery does not only give you only Backlink but it also helps a new page to get a face that Google can recognise easily.

If you have already written any article then try to add the new link to that article in between or at the end of that article so that whenever Google crawlers come onto your that page and it will find that link then it will automatically crawl that link and help your blog post to index quickly.

Don't fill up your whole page with links it will create a negative impact and it can also make that already indexed pages into the de-indexed . So it is import to add only 1 or 2 times, thats it. Not more than that. Your links should be legit and content friendly.

5. Answer Public Queries

Open Quora and try to answer in your niche as much as possible because Quora has a lot of potential. Answer all those question and at last drop your link by saying to know more click here or read full here.

Even if one or two people clicks on your link then also its very beneficial for your blog post to get index faster.

Try to add link in a legit manner and not like just pasting the links. You can also ask a question and past your article answer with the article link. This is also a good idea for letting google know about your new content.

6. Using Google Search Console ( GSC)

If you done all the above steps then wait for 1 to 2 days and in between this I want to 2 days you can also use this Google search console that you already have done but you haven't got any good response for it but give it a try again after doing all the above steps.

As you have already done all the above is the time Google has some idea and some knowledge about your new webpage that you have written on your own then Google search console will definitely try to tell the Google board to go and crawl your newly made webpage that will help you to get indexed on to Google.

How do you check if a page is indexed or not?

 If you want to check if a Pages indexed or not on Google then go to google and type

By doing this if your page is indexed then it will directly show on to the Google. This search query display all the result related with that link if your page is already indexed on the Google then Google will find that this link already indexed and available so it will show that available page on to the search result then you can verify that your page is there or not.


If you follow all the above steps then you will most probably end up with index in your name with page try to follow all the steps carefully and not to miss any of the above points because these points are very important to get indexed on google

You will get the results in two to three days itself are doing all the above activities. If you still facing any kind of issue please drop your queries in the comment section.

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