How do I Make Backlinks in Google? Best Backlinks For SEO (With Pictures)


How To Make Backlink in Google

Many of you heard about different ways to create Backlinks but did you know whats the right way of doing it? If you create Backlinks without following the term and conditions of google then it will harm your website. You website will be put in deep freezer. No google crawlers will come to your site for crawling. Make google crawl your website by following these techniques.
How do I create backlinks in Google

Creating a backlink from a good source and using right techniques will help you to rank your blog post along with your website authority. Creating a good and valuable Backlinks for your website help you to gain organic traffic if you done everything in a right way not like just spamming your link everywhere. 

A bad backlink will de rank or de index your blog post. It is mandatory to make a good quality backlink for getting good amount of website traffic and from the right location on the internet.

In this article you will learn what are the ways to create a good quality backlink from the right source and to get maximum outcome from that backlink. Doing this in a perfect manner will help your blog to rank fast on Google and getting high authority on your website or blog main domain.  

Why Quality Backlink are Important to Make

By Making Quality backlink can help your blog to get the right audience on which you have written the article. Having the right audience for your blog post will convert the audience into conversion which will lead in increasing your revenue. 

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Quality backlinks helps you to increase authority for your website or blog which will help you to index your blog post faster and rank your blog post on top search results.

Ways To Make Quality Backlink

There are many ways of creating Backlinks but we have to use the ways that are genuine to google algorithm. The right way of creating Quality Backlinks are :-

1.Guest Post

You all already familiar with Guest post, but you must be not using it in a right way. Doing Guest post on any Authority website is not the way of creating good quality backlink.

For getting maximum outcome from Guess post you need to find the website that have the same niche as your website. And because of that the visitors on that website will feel comfortable on your website also. Make quality backlinks on the same niche as yours. It will definitely help you to get the high traffic as well good ranking on Google.

How to find the right website for creating Backlink ? 

You have to use the advance google search operators. Using Advance google search operators will help you to get the right website will will help you to give high traffic as well as high clicks on your blog post .

To use advance search operator paste this code in google search bar "Write for us" "SEO" 

After pasting you will get all the results which says that write a guest post for me on the topic SEO. If you want to modify it you can. Change SEO to your niche like "News" or "Science" or "Movies". 

This will help you to find right website for Guest post. After finding the right website for creating Backlink, read all the instructions where you will find the maximum length of the article along with some universal rules that your article should not be copied etc. 

Read all the instructions carefully and write up the article and mail them on their provided Mail id and wait for your blog post to be published on their website with a quality do follow Backlink.

2.Comment Backlink

In comment Backlink most of the spam take place. For making comment Backlink you need to be very much careful while making comment Backlink. Comment Backlink are not the good way but of creating Backlinks but using it is in limit also not a bad deal. We have to use the comment Backlink in a limited amount.

If you make comment Backlink in a large number then you will definitely land into spam list of google and there will be no way to come out of that list. It's better to do comments Backlink in a good way and in limited quantity. 

How to Make Comment Backlink?

You will get a list of Backlink website, go there and write 2-3 lines about the article and embed your link wisely in correct anchor text. For example, write " Thanks for the wonderful article it is really motivating, i got to learn so many things, i also write blog here" and paste your link if that blog have do follow Comment Backlink.

3. Make Organic Backlink

This is the hardest but not impossible way to create Backlink. Using my techniques will help you to create Organic backlinks. But first you might wondering, what is organic Backlink?

Organic Backlink are the Backlink that are provided to your website by other websites without doing anything. This happen when you write some viral blogs or post which ranked on google. But it seems hard to rank blog or viral any post.

So there's a trick to get organic Backlink. To create Organic backlinks write a post which contains best article writer in this country or city and mention their website with a do follow Backlink.

This will help you also to get the same from their website. Find blogger who are less popular and mention their website on to your website and write a good 2000 words Article with pictures and infographics.

This will make the post more authentic. When they see your post they most likely want to make connections with you and you can easily make organic Backlink from their website without doing enough work. You can mention 9-10 people in a single blog post.

This will increase your chances to get organic Backlink from their website also.


These techniques will help you to get quality backlinks as well as good traffic from that backlinks which will help you to rank you blog post on google. Do this method carefully because if you do any thing wrong then it will have a bad impact on your website and your blog may be de Index by google, follow wisely to understand how to get google to reindex site .

To get the maximum output try to use these teacher from today only because you have to start early to get early results and force google to crawl your site by having Quality Backlinks.

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