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 My Mother Essay in English 10 lines

My Mother Essay in English 10 lines

My mother who is not only mother, she is a house wise, a daughter as well. She is the one who takes care of our family. She wakes up early in the morning and arrange all the works without letting us know. My mother helps me in all my activities I do. She even get worried if I am sitting in silence. She makes food for our whole family and my mother food is very delicious. My mother food taste is very much different from any other restaurant or shops. At evening she used to play with me daily. We together spend a lot of time enjoying. My mother knows everything about me like what I want to eat, what I like to wear, which is my favourite toy etc. She takes care of our full family. She is always ready to handle any type of hard situation. Even though she feels tired, she continues her work without showing any reaction on her face. She laughs with me always. She uses to see me what I am doing all the time at home. If I need any help for my homework, she is also ready for that. She guides me in doing all my homework and assignments given by my teacher. She is my best friend as well that God had gifted me.

My mother essay 10 lines in english

  1. A mother's role in a child's life is priceless, and her contributions are immeasurable.
  2. It takes very little effort to make my mother proud of me because all she asks of me is that I grow up to be a decent person.
  3. Even when my mother is in excruciating agony, she does not immediately inform the rest of the family.
  4. I often feel terrible for my mother, who works tirelessly and unconditionally all day to raise this family.
  5. My mother's contribution to my everyday existence inspires me to work hard in order to provide a brighter future for her.
  6. A perfect mother is one who creates a secure and healthy atmosphere for her children's development.
  7. My mom is the only person who is worried about my health and everyday care.
  8. We are not flawless as children, and we sometimes worry about our mothers more than we should.
  9. A mother is the one who binds the family together by nourishing them at all hours of the day and night.
  10. There is no greater honour than serving mothers as they grow older, because it is our duty as children.

My mother essay in english

  • Everyone in the house is taken care of by my mother.
  • My mother cooks delicious meals for my father and me every day.
  • My mother scolds me frequently, yet she quietly corrects my errors later.
  • My mother is likewise a hard worker because she is responsible for keeping the house in order as well as working in her office.
  • My mother is the finest bedtime storyteller because she creates such unique plots.
  • My mother is the one who knows all of my secrets.
  • On the walk home from school, I tell my mother about everything that happened while I was there, and she eagerly listens.
  • My mother sewed a bright yellow sweater for me, and it's my favourite.
  • My mother believes in all of my ambitions for the future, including what I want to do and be.
  • My mother occasionally appreciates me and encourages me in my attempts.

My opinion on my mother essay 

Spend most of the time with your mother because as you grow up you have to give your complete time on study and other school and collages activities as well. In lockdown you have the best time to enjoy with your mother at home without any issue. Try to talk regularly (mother sentence in englishwith your mother because the don't tell you when she is felling upset. Try to give her some kind of gift. If you don't know what she likes then make a beautiful drawing for her, she will definitely likes it. If you are big enough to buy anything from the shop then buy a photo-frame for her and take a photo of you with your mother and put than in that photo-frame. By doing this she will she that frame daily which represent the love and support of you and your mother.


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