How to prepare for NEET in 2 months ( Step By Step)

How To Prepare For NEET in 2 Months?

    How to prepare for NEET in 2 months,Confused NEET exam is Hard or Easy ? To know how to prepare for NEET in 2 months you need to have a proper technique which you have to follow in these few month remaining for NEET exam then you can complete your NEET syllabus in 2 months.
    How to prepare for NEET in 2 months

    You must have very few time left for NEET examination, you have to be now fully prepared with the syllabus and your notes.

    If you have not studied for NEET examination till now , i will guide you how to complete NEET in 2 month. Follow all the steps careful so you can crack NEET in 2 months.If you have 4 months left, I will also let you know how to crack NEET in 4 months

    How to Crack NEET in 2 Months

    Cracking NEET in 6 month or 5 month is easy but to crack NEET in 2 month is little bit tougher than cracking NEET in 7 or 8 months. To crack NEET in few months there's a trick called as "LHR" also called as Last Hour Rush.

    In this technique, we have been assigned a task which actually takes 1 month but we have to complete this task within 1 or 2 week 

    So, we will use 

    LHR Technique 

    Don't worry i will explain you how to use this technique to crack your NEET within 2 months or less.

    What is LHR Technique ?

    What is LHR Technique

    LHR Technique is also called as Last Hour Rush technique, which is very much beneficial for doing any thing in the last seconds. This is very much useful technique for dealing with task having less amount of time.

    This technique including knowing exactly whats the task is all about, then making a perfect schedule for that task, distributing equal amount of time to the task, following the schedule and clear up the task within the scheduled time.

    This technique is useful in examinations for studying or to covering most of the topics as fast as possible, because at the last moment it will be difficult to do all the chapter at once, so LHR technique helps in it.

    How to Crack NEET in 2 months from Zero Level

    It sounds weird but it's POSSIBLE. Yes you can crack NEET even if few months or days are left.

    Earlier if you don't got the time to study or you were busy in doing something else then after that you realised that your exams are near, so don't worry everything has a solution.

    1. Syllabus: Get your complete NEET syllabus

    This is the first task that you need to do before opening your books. If you know your syllabus what you have to study then it will be very easy for you to crack NEET or any exam within few days.

    Find your syllabus online and if you are preparing for NEET you can find your syllabus from

    Download your full syllabus and write down on the front page of your copy so that it will be easy for you to track out how much you have done.

    After you finds up your NEET Full Syllabus, and if you are done writing that syllabus on your notebook or copy them follow the next steps.

    2. Summary: Make Short Summary

    Now you have full syllabus of NEET. Open your copy and write the topic name on the top on the page in capital words.

    And open YouTube and search for the topic and make up a summary in points, so that it will be very much easy for you to grab it on the last day of exam.

    Must use points and sub-points in your summary, it will help you to understand the main topic and it's contents in sequence.
    Using point will help you to make 8-10 lines paragraph into just 3-4 lines. Making summary in points and using snippets will make it organised all the time.

    It will help you to revise the whole content by only seeing the points written by you. Make bold bulleted sub-points which are very important according to you. This will help you to keep in mind all the important heading and point of that particular chapter.

    3. Sticky Notes: Make up Sticky Notes

    Sticky notes are also important for important point that you have to keep in mind for exam. You have to understand what you have to write in that sticky note.

    You don't just have to fill anything you want. Sticky note is used to writing only 1 single point which tells about the complete meaning of any topic. Sticky notes can be used as many ways.

    Firstly you can use for important heading. This will help you to remember what are the important heading that you need to be focused on.

    Secondly, you can use sticky notes for small points that are very much importance and those questions are VVI for exams. Use sticky notes for only writing heading and small points that are important and you think that will come in your examination.

    Sticky notes will help you to quickly remember everything about that topic on which you have made that sticky notes.

    4. Filter: Filter out "Always come Questions"

    These are topics which comes every year in the examination. You can find it online by searching on Google about Must topic in NEET. You can use these topic to get the maximum of the marks.

    For filtering out the Always come topics you can use previous year question papers and also you can use last 10 year question books which provides you all the previous question bank which help you to be sure to the topics that were asked in the examination.

    After filtering out the Always come topics then you will get the important and must come topics directly.

    Note down those questions instantly and read them properly to score more in your examination.

    5. Schedule: Make up your Perfect Schedule

    After you got all the syllabus, questions and always come questions then sit for a while and make a schedule from that day to the last day from when the examination is to be started.

    Make your schedule properly by writing on your copy, write down which time how much you have to complete and how much you can study continuously. You have to follow this schedule daily until your exams got started. You have to follow wisely because it will be your last chances.

    If you don't follow your own schedule then it will be very difficult for you to manage your syllabus at the last moment.

    You have to follow your own schedule very wisely. You can easily complete your whole topic of you made up your timetable wisely. You just have to stick up with your timetable for 1-2 months thats it.

    You can enjoy after that. But you have to follow your schedule with your full determination.

    6. Games: Retire from Games

    Yes it's important for you to leave all the games that you play on your mobile phone. Game takes most of your time.

    Delete all the games of any type from your device. It will give you some extra time to study which will help you to crack you examination in few months left.

    Game are of two types online and offline, you have to delete both of them. These games takes up yo 3-4 hour's daily. This amount of time seems to be small but saving 3-4 hours daily will adds up in a very big amount.

    If you save 3 hours for 30 days it will give you an extra of 90 hours. 90 hours is not a small time. You can do many things in this time.

    So save you time as much as you can. It till be benefits you to learn and remember more for your examination.

    7. Social Media: Delete Social Media

    This is also an important step to be done in order to crack your exam at last moment. You have to delete all the social media you used daily to chat with your friends.

    Social media will always disturb you when you are studying. Social media will capture your brain and it will always send you signal to open it up and to use it.

    Once you open up a social media it would take 24 minutes for you to close it. Because social media is made up for you to interact and because of that its called social media. It is made for interacting.

    Even if social media is in your device, it notifications will make you open it. And when you open up your social media it will eats up your whole time.
    Remove Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc, from your device these are most dangerous apps that will consume a lot of your time and you will also not understand how and when your all important times end up to quickly and you will end up your day with depression.

    Important things to follow to crack NEET in 2 Months

    Practice all the Numerical Questions

    Numerical questions are very much importance for your examination. Nowadays numerical questions comes in a huge amount in question papers so prepared them well to get attempt most of them.

    Practice Mock Questions

    Practical mock questions will give you an extraordinary boost, hence increasing your confidence level. As you have already done all the must come questions and previous question, mock will be very much easy for you.

    Schedule for NEET preparation in 2 months

    2 months means, 30 x 2 = 60 Days

    You now have a total of 60 Days

    You have a total of 3 Subjects

    We need 20 Days for Revision now we have 40 Days left

    Distribute the dates as:-

    Physics - 13 Days ( Use 10 days for study, 3 Days for Mock)

    Chemistry - 13 Days ( Use 10 days for study, 3 Days for Mock)

    Biology - 13 Days ( Use 10 days for study, 3 Days for Mock)

    Now we have 21 Days left which can be used as Revision, Solving Samples, Doing more Mock tests. Follow this daily timetable for NEET 2002

    FAQ :-

    Can I Clear NEET in 2 months?

    Yes, but you have to follow some fixed schedule on a daily basis, then it will help you to clear NEET examination in 2 months easily. You have to study accordingly to your fixed schedule regularly. I have provided you the schedule to prepare for NEET examination above, you can refer to that and try to make own schedule and follow it for the remaining of the time.

    How many hours to study for NEET 2022?

    There is no such time or hours for studying. It depends on how fastly you can cover up the topics that are in your syllabus. The minimum time to study is around 2 hours a day. But don't stuck at minimum timing try to stretch your timing so that you can cover more in the last few hours.

    Has anyone cracked NEET in 2 months?

    Yes there are so many names who cracked NEET in 2 months by just focusing on important topics. They studied all the important topics and also they solved mocks and cracked NEET in 2 months. Don't lose hope give your best in the examination.

    Can i score 600 in NEET in 2 months?

    Yes why not, you just have to solve all the last year questions papers and follow NCERT to solve most of the NEET questions that come in examination. You also have to focus on numerical's a lot because it also have major weightage on the question paper. So it's not that much hard to score 600 Marks in NEET examination but you have to solve all the previous as well as all the mocks. Then you are fully prepared for your NEET examination.


    If you want to crack NEET examination in 2 months then follow the above guideline that will help you a lot from where to start and where to end. You can easily crack your NEET in 1-2 months. You just have to be consistence for the remaining of your time. It is always better to start studying from the begging but if you have any reason for not studying from beginning then you can follow these techniques, it will most probably help you a lot.

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