Osmose Technology Fake or Real | Welcome to osmose technology pvt ltd

 Osmose Technology Fake or Real

Osmose Technology fake or real
Do you know what is osmose technology and how it works. Do you know Osmose technology owner name and osmose technology information ? Osmose technology Fake or real

Today we will clear all the doubt about Osmose technology pvt ltd which is also known as osmose technology private limited .

Welcome to Osmose Technology pvt ltd

Osmose technology pvt ltd is a private e-commerce company, which was established on 24 december 2019 . Earlier osmose technology was a platform to sell products based on only health related stuffs but as the time passes on they shifted to more huge variety of products rather than only sticking to health-related products. So they started from selling health-related products and now they're selling more extra products just like Amazon and Flipkart now welcome to osmose technology pvt ltd ,osmose technology has become a website like Amazon or Flipkart as it sells more and more products and not only limited to health products.

If you are from networking field then it will be easy for you to understand what is osmose technology but if you are not from networking field and it will be hard for you to understand what is osmose technology but don't worry we will explain all about networking and how osmose technology works. 

What is osmotech technology pvt ltd , How osmose technology works

To join osmose technology there is  a fee of 1180 rupees to invest in their platform and then you get a Sponsor ID. And after signup you get a coupon of 1200 INR Indian rupees by which you can buy some product which mean that the amount you paid as fee is now returned to you has a coupon which you can use to buy products on osmose technology. 

After making account you will get a sponsor ID if you give the sponsor ID to another person and if he use your Sponser ID then you will get Rs.20 and if he share his sponsor ID to his another friend then you will get five rupees each person he refers.
Osmose Technology fake or real

Overall it is based on networking the more people you have the more you can earn the more network you create the more income you can generate from osmose technology.

But as the time passes or smoke technology used to be a networking company it was only limited to India only but now it it has spread his branches to the global world now its name is also changed to OSM Software Solution and now it has changed its base as a Software Company.


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Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Owner Name

Osmose technology pvt ltd owner name is Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar . He belongs from India who established a E-commerce company named as osmose technology pvt ltd which is now evolved as OSM software solutions the idea was superb for those who are more into networking as networking field are growing nowadays at very fast rate because the income in networking is very high in compared with other side businesses. 
But there is the side fall in osmose technology that we will discuss further on this article which was due to new rules and regulation imposed by Indian government. Before investing in osmose technology read the full article to know more about Osmose Technology fake or real

Osmose Technology fake or real

So the main question is osmose is fake or real. Osmose technology review in marathi , So let me start from beginning when the company started earlier and it advertises its features to all the people, then people like it and start investing in it.
They invested their 1180 rupees in this application and they got coupon which they can use to buy the products which they thought they got back their money but there is a catch and that is that you can only buy the product from osmose technology and not from any other source which is available on the internet.

Earlier people make so much of profit from osmose technology but as the time grew up osmose technology pvt ltd become worldwide and it increases it fees from 1180 rupees to 2400 Rs. Now Osmose technology review was getting down as people were facing a lot of issue in claiming their money from Osmose . And also the Indian government establish some new rules and regulation for bitcoin which was also a downfall for osmose technology because it pay the money to people in the form of BTC or bitcoin but it was going to be banned in India so osmose technology fail to pay its customer and it still have negative reviews.

Osmose technology information

Osmose technology earlier have a fee of 1180 rs . And after signup they gave a coupon code of 1200 amount which people can use to buy products from osmose website. After the creation of osmose login
You will get a sponsor ID that when you refer your friend you will get Rs.20 and when your friend for someone another you will get five rupees and when your friend or friend will refund someone then you will get to rupees quite interesting right this was the offer that was given by osmose technology it was quite interesting and attracting so that's why people are attracted more towards this company to invest their 1180 rupees to osmotech technology to earn more and more money.

Osmose technology login App

To make account in osmose technology follow the steps osmose technology task login

Step1 - Go to cpanel.osmosetech.com/NewJoining1
Step2- Enter Sponser Details and osmose Sponser ID
Step3- Enter name same as your bank details
Step4 - Enter current working mobile number
Step5 - Enter OTP
Step6 - Pay the fees with UPI

Now after this process you will get your osmose registration ID which you can use to login in the website on this website Osmose technology registration is completed.

Osmose Technology Shopping

Earlier when you register you get amount of 1200 which you can use osmose technology shopping to buy products from their website but now on the company is not providing you money you earned it is not recommended it to make account on this website or to invest on this website because it will lead to you in a great loss. They have their own product which they sell at amount of 1200 or more which is not really cost 1200 but you have to pay 1200 because the price so on the website you cannot bargain and you have to use the coupon code to buy the product and you cannot even get coupon code on other website like Amazon or Flipkart to buy product.

Osmose technology in hindi

Osmose technology information is provided in English in this article for a osmotic technology in Hindi please wait for the next article we will be publishing the same article in Hindi language as well till now please read all the above step and if you have any doubt please leave a comment in the comment section will provide you to answer that as soon as possible.
Write a blog in English language because most of our readers understand English if you want Hindi language then please drop your comment that you want to read more about us more about osmose technology.
In short this company is not paying to their customers so it is not a good idea to invest here in this company so protect your money and invest in right place where you are really earning profits and not in places which are not showing you how they are going to pay you this company used to pay earlier but now this company is not paying right now.

Osmose technology business plan

Welcome to osmose technology pvt ltd The Osmose technology business plan was that to attract people to invest in their platform or to buy the product from them and then that will help them to build the trust among people and when they build the trust among the people they did not pay the money to their customers who use their application and website so that Kosmos technology business is so simple as networking field. First they build trust among people and now they are taking their feets backward and not paying to their customers. 
Osmose technology contact number is vervecomplianceinc@gmail.com , You can mail them your questions.


Before investing in this company twice because this company is not paying money to their customer and also it is having very bad rating from the people. Earlier they used to pay but nowadays they are not paying and also the website seems to be down. The another reason is that because of the bitcoin ban in India as they used to pay the fee in form of bitcoin in the bitcoin is going to be banned in India according to the news. Which led the company to have a great fall. 
Before investing in this company please think about your hard earned money because it will not come back so invest on the right place and not on unverified sources of website which are not showing their current proof of paying to their customers to invest your money in right place.

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