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Student Should Not Be Allowed To Play PUBG

Essay on PUBG game, Students should not be allowed to play PUBG Essay? Is PUBG bad for students? Is PUBG an addiction?  Are you also searching for the same question then you are at right place. Today we will discuss on how to stop playing PUBG mobile. Is PUBG banned in India? PUBG good or bad for students ? My favourite game PUBG essay in english addiction.

In today generation students are more focused toward online games rather than offline games. And PUBG is one of them. PUBG has grown up as a huge competitor for other games like COD mobile or Free-fire. 

PUBG was firstly launched on PC but in India most of the people don't have PC so it was not possible for them to play PUBG. But in March 2018, PUBG launched its mobile version named as PUBG mobile which was a BOOM in India.


As after the launching of Player Unknown Battle Ground also called PUBG, Indian students saw something new in gaming community. It was a life changing time of Indian students they got a new game which was much more different from what they used to play earlier.

Students addicted to play games like candy crush, clash of clans, clash of kingdoms. But when PUBG arrived with its game changing features, no game able to compete PUBG at that time.

PUBG features:-
  • In Game Mic
  • Real Time Thinking
  • Making Live Strategy 
  • Understanding Recoil
  • Increasing Reflexes
  • Enhance Decision Making
  • Handling Situation
  • Boosted Strategy

 These were the features of PUBG mobile that other games were not able to provide at that time. PUBG spread its roots very fast in India.

Students started learning and grinding in PUBG for getting better in this game. They started playing PUBG 10-15 Hours per/day. This game was hiking up in their mind, so student should not be allowed to play PUBG.

Why is PUBG so Addictive?

PUBG became a common game in INDIA in late the 2019-2020 era. Even when any person goes to a shop to buy any mobile phone, the shopkeeper judge phone on the basis of the game performance.

So many Redmi, Poco, Vivo devices got sold on the basis of their gaming performance. Many students grabbed new devices for playing PUBG. The sales of mobile devices also boosted along with the popularity of the game PUBG. 

PUBG was now not only a game it was now a food that a student takes everyday. Students go to schools and as they went back to home they took their phone and start to PUBG all the day unless and until their phone got discharged.

PUBG became an addiction for students. PUBG addiction was now growing up at a very fast rate. Students started giving all their time on this game. They started to left their classes and they play PUBG.

Some of the students also founded playing PUBG on road side, near shops, near malls etc. They only needed an active internet connection and a device on which they can play PUBG.

Does Playing PUBG Damage Brain

PUBG good or bad for students? Playing PUBG doesn't damage brain but it harmful if someone play PUBG all the day. PUBG became a daily life stuff that a students used to take daily. Students are now very much attracted towards PUBG. It is now an addiction to students and they don't even know that. 

Earlier PUBG was just a normal multiplayer game, but as time passes by it became a mind eating monster. PUBG started making students less productive and less efficient. 

Students left their studies and play PUBG with their squad. PUBG was same as networking. One Student cant play alone he needs someone who can play with him. So they call their friends and they call their friends that's now become a big problem.

PUBG was a game which was nothing when a single student is playing. But it addiction grows up when someone play with his friends and randoms. PUBG was now a very Popular game between youths.

PUBG was now a place for friends to meet and talk and spend time on that. But one single match in PUBG take up to 30 minutes which was shocking. 30 minutes is a big amount of time that a student is investing in this game for nothing.

How PUBG Downfall Started?

On September 2020, It was the day when PUBG downfall started. At evening when everyone was engaged in playing PUBG with their friends, then suddenly a news came "PUBG A CHINESE GAME BANNED IN INDIA", yes PUBG banned in India, this was heart breaking news for most of the PUBG fans including me. PUBG was officially banned in INDIA.

After one month PUBG servers were shut down in India. Some VPN's connections also blocked for accessing PUBG. Jio sim along with some other block the ip of PUBG first so that Jio users can't play PUBG anymore. Then after that Airtel blocks its user from playing PUBG. 

After the ISP blocked all the IP's of PUBG, now every one was on a great depression. It was very sad for every Indian because it was the only game which they used to play and connects with their friends.

The major popularity of PUBG Mobile was from India. And this game was Banned in India. They were going in a great loss. Many students tweeted for re-modifying their terms and conditions and re-submit to Indian government. But that was not going to be an easy Task.

PUBG thought to launch a new game in India but he forgot that first impression is the last impression. PUBG launched "NEW STATE". Which also got banned suddenly.

Is PUBG banned in India 2022?

Yes PUBG is still banned and you are not allowed to play it anyways. Their is an alternative of PUBG mobile that you can play is BGMI- Battle Grounds Mobile India. You will get the same feel and PUBG but it's a little different game.

BGMI launched just after the PUBG Ban news. Because Indian public wanted it to come back which was not possible at all. So a new game came named as BGMI which is now trending between youths. You can also play the game by searching on Playstore or App store. 


This article is based on the view of common people who saw the game PUBG from starting to its end. Some say that students should not be allowed to play PUBG, do you agree? . If you are searching for essay on my favourite game PUBG, then you can write essay on PUBG in english. It will also tell you about essay on Mobile games which is also the same.

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