3 Unusual Hacks to Get Google to Reindex Site (With Steps)

How to Get Google to Reindex Site or Blog

    Google Deindex sites which violates its terms and conditions.

    If you post spammy or copy paste content there are more chances to get your site deindex from Google.

    Hacks to Get Google to Reindex Site

    To make Google crawl your website and to fix index issue there are so many ways that will help you get google to reindex site or a blog post on internet.

    Nowadays many blogger face the issue of getting their website deindex from google. Some don't even know what's the actual Reason behind it. Peoples are struggling to find their reason of getting deindexed from internet, but they didn't found anything which can really help them out.
    reindex website

    Yes, you can reindex your blog or website if you follow these "Proven ways" that will help you to getting your website index on the internet as well as getting traffic from Google. 


    Before I start -- "I want to let you think" once a moment that have you don't anything to your website or blog earlier? Have you posted some kind of copy content, or have you done something spamming? 

    It will be beneficial if you know what have you done in your last 7 days because of which your site is not getting indexed. 

    You should think for a while that from the last post that got indexed successfully, after that what have you done to your website.

    It will help you to understand whats the real reason behind it, "why your website got deindexed".
    There can be many factors that leads to deindex your blog post or website.

    Let me explain some of that.

    Using the word "Download"


    If you have used this word in your blog post or article then be careful.

    The word "Download" is "not a Good term" in term of google. Many blogger uses the term Download to post unauthorised content on their blog post and eventually their website is shifted to Google sandbox.

    If you have have "used the term", Download or you have "added any button for sharing" any type of content that doesn't belong to you then Google will see your site as copyrighted content.

    Google doesn't allow any individual to use someone else content without their permission.

    Google is not a place to share any type of content that is scrapped from somewhere and used on some other websites. Google's algorithm is pretty much very strong to identify any kind of discrepancy in the content which is available on the internet.

    There are tons of website that got deindexed for uploading and giving free downloads to users.

    If you also provide any download service then make sure you don't have any piracy content or any content which doesn't belongs to you.

    If you want to deliver some kind of ebooks or any kind of internet material then make sure that it's fully your made content and not belongs to anyone else in this world.

    There is no issue in providing material that belongs to you. You can freely share any material that you have made on your own. 


    If you try to share anyone else material then it will lead your website to get deindex from google permanently.

    Try to use your own content while you using term "Download", it will not lead your website to get deindex by google or from internet. 

    Creating Tons of Backlink 

    If you are also the one who thinks that "creating a tons of Backlinks" to your website will boost your website authority as well as traffic,

    Then wait,

    "It's not like that way" -- you are doing the things in not the right way. If you read somewhere "How to increase backlinks fast", it's not gonna work anymore.

    You are doing it wrong.

    Free backlinks or free permanent homepage backlinks are not the way to boost your website authority. Free backlinks are way much cheaper than no-follow backlinks. 

    Free backlinks like multiple "comments Backlinks", on different websites will lead your website to be deranked from google and eventually your website will be deindex as soon as google detects it.

    You have to work hard on quality backlinks rather than free backlinks, if you have founded any "method to create Backlinks", and you are continuously making Backlink with that method then also your website will be deindex by google.

    You know why?

    Because, "making multiple Backlink" in a single day artificially will make google think you are doing some kind of "spamming everywhere" on the internet. 

    So let the Backlink to be created organically. Try working on making "quality content" that will engage more and more Audience. It will also help you to increase google crawl rate

    By doing this way your authority will also boost up, and you will also see, "3x More traffic your website" than it was earlier.

    If you don't want to wait for getting organic Backlinks from other blogger, and you want to create Backlinks, then make use of

    Guest Post

    Yes, Guest post will help you to get backlink which will help you to get views onto your website as well as you will get a Backlink for your blog post which will massively "boost your search appearance on google" as well as settings new records on your AdSense yearly turnover. It will "make Google crawl website" faster

    Confused "how many backlinks to create" in one day?

    There is no predefined amount of that. If you are making artificial backlinks by comments or anything else then don't do it over 4-5 times in a day.

    If you are getting "organic Backlinks" daily and in huge amount then don't worry

    Google likes organic Backlinks. Doesn't matter its 1k or 10k a day, if its organic Backlinks its much better for you and your website and it will force google to crawl your site.

    Tip :- How long does it take google to index a new website? 

    The answer to this depends on your strategy you follow, if your website is new it will take 1-2 months to get indexed. If your website is 2-3 month old then it will take around 3-4 days.

    Using Plagiarism / Scrapped Content

    If you write good blog post every day and after a while you got tired and started to copy from other sites and pasted that content onto your website, then this will also leads your website to get deindex from google.

    Even if you have 5-6 post written by you and you copied one page from google, then also there is a chance that google will penalise your website, without any notice.

    All the post or article that you have written must be unique and  your content. If you write your own content then no one can deindex you blog post or website and you can easily create so many permanent homepage backlinks

    Even if you are thinking to use a spinning or article rewriter then you know what,

    "You will get permanent penalised from google"

    Google can easily identify which Content is written by you and which one is spin content.

    Are you wondering how google will find that my article is spin article? 

    "Google algorithm is so much stronger" than you can think of. Google will easily understand that the Grammar and synonyms are used. Google will understand it and find the real owner of the contents and will penalise your website.

    This is how Google plagiarism searching works.

    You might of heard there are so many paid tools that makes the contents "100% plagiarism free", and that also true, but the question is

    For how many days that content will survive?

    Google algorithm is updated daily by top notch backend developer from all over the world, and one day they will catch you content that it is copied and your website will be permanently removed from google directory.

    Try writing own content and not to copy some articles from this website and some from that website as you know the results well.

    As you have someday already head of this term,

    "Content is the King"

    This is as true as it sounds. The better the contents the better the audience retention it have.

    Write good quality article on a regular basis, you can take reference from other websites but don't just copy paste the whole thing. Try to be creative while writing blog post that will help you to get better engagement.

    So you might have got the reason for your website to be removed from google search results, Right? 

    If still not, then follow these ways to get your website to reindex from google

    Delete the last 2 month's Post.

    If in the last 2 months, if you have written any content then make sure you delete that. That post may be the reason for your website to be removed from google search results.

    It will be better if you find the last post that was indexed by google successfully and after that no post is been getting indexed, then from that article delete all articles till todays date, including that last indexed blog also.

    This may help you to remove the blog post that was letting your website to be not getting indexed because of any kind of malicious activities like plagiarism etc.

    Check for Mobile friendly webpage

    This can also be the reason for your website to be de index from google. Whenever you "publish your blog" or article, check that, "is it mobile friendly or not".

    Sometimes this happens that one page become unhealthy for mobile viewer by some bugs, so its important to check that your page in mobile friendly or not

    If your page is mobile friendly then it will easily get indexed and if it not then it will be not crawled by google bots.

    The post that are not indexed on google just check the mobile friendly test. If it passes then no issue your website will be indexed.

    If it shows error then delete that page from your website and make a new one. And you can simply copy paste the article that you just deleted and you can use that in your new post.

    Start from scratch

    If you tried all the ways and that doesn't worked at all then there is a high possibility that your website is now permanently in "Google sandbox". 

    You cant do anything to remove your website from Google sandbox. Once it shifted to the sandbox you cant really pull it back. You have to do a new start. 

    Its better to make a new website and to start a new journey with your full dedication.

    Yes, "its hard", but

    You can do it, just use "301 redirect" to the new website then everything will be solved. It will help you to redirect that traffic to your new website which doesn't violates google policies.

    Redirecting will help your new website to get some authority as well some some good page views for your new website. This will help you to grow your blog website and also it will help you get indexed faster on google. You will also get Backlinks which will help your new blog website to have a good backbone which will eventually help you to "increase your income with blogging"

    In your new blog website don't copy paste article from your previous website because it will not rank, and your website will again get de-ranked. Try to write unique content with details and infographics that will engage your audience more and help your website to get more traffic.

    Starting from scratch is the last option you can do because once google penalise a website then it becomes impossible for that website to grow again and to rank on top search. You better have a new start which will help you to understand more new things that you should and shouldn't be try for your website.


    This guide will help you to reindex your site and to tell google to crawl your site so that to get index again onto google. These methods are tested and still works. Try these awesome techniques and get your deindexed website back to life again. Once your site start getting views again then don't post any copied or scrapped content. 

    These methods works well for any kind of website or blog that have been de index by google or any other search engines. Using these methods will give a new life to your website again.

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