How To Make Backlink using CCW Method | New Trick 100% Working

 How To Make Backlink using CCW Method

How To Make Backlink using CCW Method

Many of is knows how to "make backlinks" but -- Very Few knows how to really make a "High Quality Backlink" 

Many of the new bloggers waste their time on creating Backlinks that are not worthy and all their efforts gone in vain. 

In blogging journey, the link grinding is very much crucial step for getting fame on the world of internet. And you will learn How To Make Backlink using CCW Method.

You have to work smart while making Backlinks for your website to gain authority.

Authority ahaa!! , without a Quality Backlink your website Authority will be same as before. That's why you have to work on making quality backlinks instead of spamming.

To make Backlinks we first need to understand "How many types of Backlinks are there" and how they really works.

There are usually two types of Backlinks that you can focus on the first is Do-Follow backlinks and the other is No-Follow Backlinks

How To Make Backlink using CCW Method

How these Do follow, No follow backlinks works?


How to Create Backlinks (Step by step) ?

Whenever you drop your link on any website just left click that and click inspect Elements.

That link will be displayed in html format. You can see that link on the right side of your screen that is opened up.

If the link look something like

<a href ="" rel="nofollow"> Your Text <a>

Then this is a No follow backlink. 

No follow Backlink doesn't tell google that this link is genuine or not.

Most of the comments Backlinks are No follow Backlink, because there are so many link spammer who paste their links onto any website.

That's how rel="no follow" tell google that it don't have any idea about this link. So google doesn't promote this link.

No-follow Backlink Protect website from link spammers by telling google that this link is non verified link so Google dont pass authority from No-follow backlinks.

So this is about No Follow backlinks, now what is Do follow Backlink?

Just think the opposite!!

You guessed it right. Do follow Backlink tell google that this link is well known by website owner so Google passes the Website authority to your website.

Do Follow backlinks look like this

<a href ="" > Your Text <a>

Yes there is nothing like rel="dofollow" 

Any link you find without any rel then its a Do follow Backlink and you can work on that.

The website on which you are making links has a Domain Authority is 40 and it has posted your content with your link embedded on it, then you will also receive a ton of Authority from that 40Da website.

How To Make Backlink using CCW Method

This Infographic is a rough imagination of how much percentage of links you should keep on your website.

It will help your website to increase your Domain and page authority.

These are two type of Backlinks that we will discuss today how to create those links in a correct way.

So this question arises to all the new bloggers that how to create a Backlink?

To create Backlinks means that to drop your website link onto another website. 

You must be thinking that how and where can we drop our link on a random website.

How To Make Backlink using CCW Method

How To Make Backlink using CCW Method

There are three ways to drop you website link { CCW Method }

  • Contextual Backlink
  • Comment Backlink
  • Web2.0 Backlink

There are also several ways to make backlinks but at the initial stages you need to try these there ways to make backlinks for your website which will increase your website traffic as well as website domain authority.

What is contextual Backlink and how to make contextual Backlink?

Have you ever found in any trouble, have you ever found any error in your pc and after that have you searched for the solution on the internet?

If yes, then after searching your problem on the internet have you opened any answer that is present there? Then thats the page where people solve user queries by providing them their solutions. 

On that page sometime you will see a blue text and on clicking that you will go to a new page.

That blue text (or any colour if Changed) link is the link that you also have to create.

And that blue link is called the contextual link, a link that is added into Content.

How to create a Contextual link 

You have to search for website who have a section named as "Guest post" or "Write for us"

As you got that website go to that page and read all the instructions carefully. If you have any doubt you can mail them with your queries.

Most of the instructions are that you have to write  around 800-1000 words Article in word file and embedd your one or two link and mail them your article.

And if they like your article they will post that on their website.

This is how you can create contextual Backlink

Note:- Must check Instructions that are they giving do follow Backlink or not before sending them your article.

Now How to create Comments backlinks?

These is the easiest way to make backlinks by commenting.

This method is used by many bloggers because comments Backlinks is easy to make. It doesn't require that much of effort while making "Comment Backlink"

But you cant just go to any website and drop your comment in their comments section. You will damage your website reputation.

If you drop your website link so many places your website spam score will increase up.

If your spam scores is above 3% then try to decrease it.

Don't spam your link everywhere.

To make a safe do follow comment Backlink, go to any blog and see their comments section if anyone has dropped their link, then right click and inspect it you can understand is it a no follow or do follow Backlink.

Finding Do follow comment Backlink website is little bit hard, most people got these websites link by sharing list of Do follow comment Backlink lists.

You can also use Do follow comment Backlink lists.

And after that you can go to that Website and drop your website link with some text.

Don't make more than 5 backlinks in a day. Google can see it as a spam link. Try to be in limits while making Backlinks for your website.

Web2.0 Backlinks

Its sounds like scientific creature but it's not.

Web2.0 means blog and website that you can create.

Web2.0 are the platform in which the two sided transaction happens. Like from one side the admin writes up the post, and from the other side the reader reads up the post. This is how 2 way transaction works.

To create Web2.0 backlinks means that you have to create free multiple website and you have to post your main website link in that websites.

This is how Web2.0 Backlink works.

But here's a catch

Those website doesn't have higher authority, will those website backlinks will help my website to grow?

Amm yes.

Google likes backlinks from unique domain rather than from single domain.

You can make free website using blogger and wordpress and try to post 3-5 article and make up important pages like Contact us page, About us page, Privacy policy page, Term and conditions page.

By making these pages google will not consider that website as spam.

After creating necessary pages and 4-5 posts you can now add your link on those blogs website and you will earn backlinks.

Sounds great right!!

Yes its really helps by providing you a unique backlinks which will help you to rank your new post on top of google searches.


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