MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth Review | Money-Back Guarantee

 MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth Review

If you have Bought new MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth Review, then you are right place. These are MicroBots single ear bluetooth headphones under 500 and are best single ear bluetooth that you can use in your single ear which give comfort to

MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth Review

your ears. 

These MicroBots single Ear bluetooth review is very Interesting, you can compare with different variety of MicroBots single ear bluetooth.

Features of MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth

Price Range of MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth₹130 - ₹500
Sound Quality of MicroBots Single Ear BluetoothAverage - Medium
Build Quality of MicroBots BluetoothAbove Medium
Battery Review of MicroBots bluetoothBetter
MicroBots Single Ear bluetooth review

Sound Quality of MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth Review

MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth Review | Money-Back Guarantee

Sound Quality of MicroBots bluetooth headphones under 500 are above average. If you want to use MicroBots Bluetooth daily, you have to keep a portable Power bank with you .

Because these earphones Sound Quality is Good as compared to other ₹100-150₹ Bluetooth Earphones. The "Sound quality" of this MicroBots single ear is -- Good.

You will not feel any Sound lag in this single ear bluetooth earphone. You can use this Earphone for listening music and watching Online videos and even watching Netflix you will not feel Sound delay.

Sound Quality of MicroBots for Playing Video Games?

If you are a Gamer and you need an earphone for Gaming then don't Go for this earphone. This MicroBots earphone is not for gaming point of view. 

This earphone is based for the purpose of calling and for listening music, which this earphone do perfectly in VERY LOW PRICE. 

You can fully depend on MicroBots earphone if you only need for listening music or for using it for picking up the calls from your mobile phones as these works the best.

Build Quality of MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth Review

MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth Review | Money-Back Guarantee

Build Quality of this earphone is Best as compared to other cheap bluetooth earphones. You can use this best single ear bluetooth earphone anywhere you want. 

The build quality of this types of MicroBots earphones are just awesome. One thing you have to keep in your mind is that you don't have to drop it from very High. Other wise it will break into several pieces. 

If you want use this earphone for more than 1 Year, you have to use it wisely. These MicroBots earphones are best but lacks little in build quality and internal wiring. The wires are not that much well attached so you have to better take care of it.

Don't use this earphones while running ow while you doing jogging. You can damage it easily if it fall from any height. So you have to take care care of it. 

The build quality is awesome but not that much strong, so you have to be little more careful while using this MicroBots earphone. 

You also have to protect it from any-kind of water or liquid damage as these single ear bluetooth earphones are not water proof and can take damage easily when dipped into the water. So you also have to protect it from any kind of liquid damage and water damage.

Other wise the build quality is awesome and you can use it from 6 months to 12 months easily without any kind of damage. 

Battery Review of MicroBots bluetooth

Battery Review of MicroBots bluetooth is just better than other cheap earphones. If you have used any other bluetooth earphones then you must know how much battery backup they usually give.

If you want to use this bluetooth earphone for a longer period of time then you need a Power Bank. Yes, you need it to charge your bluetooth earphone.

Because these earphones doesn't long last. So it's very important to use any kind of Power Bank while you are using MicroBots earphones.

If you don't want to use any kind of power bank or any thing then try to use it when necessary. These earphone last long for around One Hour, which is normal for this range of earphones.

You can use while picking up the calls and while listening music you will not face any kind of issue but if you want to use it for a longer amount of time so you have to use power bank or any other good wireless bluetooth.

Review of MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth

MicroBots Single Ear Bluetooth Review

This review is my personal opinion which range between Poor-Medium-Better-Best

Look Better
Sound QualityMedium
Work TimeMedium
Charging TimeBest
Connection DistanceBetter
Device friendlyBest
Battery Medium
MicroBots Single ear bluetooth

These are some of the performance of MicroBots Single ear bluetooth review which is the best in this price range. You must have to try out this earphone if you don't have enough budget to buy costly earphones then this will be the right choice for you.

You can go for it.


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