How to Rank My Old Blog Website on Google | 7x Boost Your Old Website

 How to Rank My Old Blog Website on Google

    How to Rank My Old Blog Website on Google

    Is it possible to rank your old website? How to rank old website again? Will your old website will rank again? Does google rank old websites again? Will i able to rank my old blogger Wordpress site? How to Rank My Old Blog Website on Google

    If you also have these same doubt then you are at the right place

    We have some Tested Methods to again rank any of your old website that you are not using or any of your dead website that you haven't updated a long ago.

    It is obvious that may of the new blogger work for  the first few weeks then they left the work in between. 

    This happen because of the fact that none of the new website show any growth in the first few weeks and the bloggers feels depressed that they are not getting anything out of it.

    When a new blogger doesn't find any traffic on their new website then it's very much depressing for them.

    Every new blogger things that just after writing any blog post they will receive tons of views. But it's not that easy.

    That's the reason why new bloggers left their blogging Carrier without even starting with full potential.

    But as the time passes and after a year they see that there are organic traffic coming on their website. Then they think to start their blog again.

    This happen because after 6-7 months the post start to rank and it start getting views. 

    So if you also have the same website that you have left working on and you want to start that again then follow all the steps careful to rank again your old website and understand How to Rank My Old Blog Website on Google

    Does Google rank your old website again? 

    Does Google rank your old website again?

    In some of the cases if any website that is not that much popular stops posting content from the last 2-3 years then google consider it as a Dead website. 

    Dead website also de rank as the time passes on. But the dead website content doesn't get de Indexed, or the outdated Content doesn't get removed from google automatically.

    Dead website starts getting less traffic as the time passes by. Also those website start going down in google search rankings.

    These websites also start to lose their backlinks because of the no updation on the contents. That's why the backlinks stats to decrease by time.

    But there are still so many ways by which you can rank your dead website again. You can give another life to your dead website to rank it again on google searches with a good authority.

    List of things to work on to rank your old website again on google top searches.

    Add Up Extra Content in Old Post

    If you have written any blog post on your website then make it larger. Don't delete the words present on that page that is already indexed by google. 

    Try to add words to your old blog post around 500-600 more words than before. It will make it updated. Google will see it as something has changed on your old blog post. So Google will get a sense that this site is again active.

    You have to check all your post and try to add more words to all the post that are already present on your website. You can also add few more images or videos which will add extra rich content on your website.

    If you have written any date on that post like, This post is written on Oct 2017, the  edit that and write the current year. It will give an idea to the readers that your content is new and updated.

    You can also add some new facts about the current year that is happening in the world that will left no chance for anyone to think that this website maybe old.

    By doing these things Google and the viewers will understand that your website is new and you are updating it every-time which is most liked by Google search algorithm.

    Change all TIME based Keywords 

    Keywords like "SEO TIPS IN 2018" or "BEST SEO STRATEGY YOU CAN FOLLOW TO RANK WEBSITE  IN 2017" , these types of keywords will not work not.

    These keywords come under time based keywords. These Keywords are not evergreen. You have to update the date or the year of these keywords with the current year.

    By doing these you can again start to get your old traffic back. Because this is your old website and Google knows it well that this website can be trusted.

    After updating these time based keywords your content will be now start getting organic views from google.

    Index Your New post

    After writing new article you need to index them as early as possible. You can index your new article by these Methods to index Blogger faster.

    In most of old outdated website google stops to index their pages. So you have to index your page Manually.

    Google stops crawling any website which is not posting any new content. So its hard to index, thats why you need to increase your crawl rate again to make the google Crawler come on your site and crawl all the post again.

    If Google Crawler start to come again on your website then any post you publish will be indexed on google as soon as possible. 

    Try to write around 2-3 post per week, and then index them manually which will help the Crawler to understand that you have started to write new content again on your website. Then Google Crawler will start coming again onto your website.

    Make New Backlinks

    As you write up few more new posts then try to make new Backlink to that new posts. That will help your news post to gain authority to rank on google searches.

    Make backlinks to your new posts as well in your old posts that you have on your website.

    You can also make new Internal links which is also called Internal Linking, it will help you to share the author in all of your posts which will help you to get more page authority.

    Don't Change your niche

    You must have a niche at that time, work on that niche to rank your old website. If your niche was for example - Technology , then post only tech related content on your website. 

    It will help Google to recognise what was your earliest niche and now if you show that you still working on the same niche, then Google will see it as a Good practice.

    So work on the same content that you used to do on that website, that will help your old website to rank again on google search results.


    How to Rank My Old Blog Website on Google, If you want to rank your old website then follows these Tested techniques. You can then get your old website to rank again on top of google search results. Tell me in the comment section which strategy you are going to do on your old website.

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