How To Refresh on Mac 2022 ( Macbook M1 Chip)

How To Refresh on Mac

    Know How To Refresh on mac, If you have shifted from windows to mac then you must finding the reload button to refresh your MacBook air or Macbook pro ( any model) just like you refresh in your windows with F5 . M1 chip mac is for refresh Know How. 

    How To Refresh on Mac

    In the early 2010 - 2017 macbook models there was a refresh option when doubled clicked on screen, but now in new models you will not find any refresh button in mac and macbook.

    Why there is no Refresh in Mac?

    The reason is that Apple don't want its application to be closed, once you refresh the the pc then all the application catches clears up, making that application lag while opening for the second time which increases the lag 27% more depending on the application.

    Thats why new models macs refresh button has been removed from their interface.

    But no need to worry there are still many other ways to refresh your Macbook Desktop.

    How to Refresh Macbook Air M1 2020

    There is "no direct option to refresh" as in windows pc, to refresh or reload you need you hover your mouse to that application icon from the bottom of your screen ( also known as dock) then tap that with two of your fingers at the same time ( this will act as double click as in windows) then a menu will appear.

    Click Quit -- to quit that application. It will help to clean up the Ram memory that the application was taking while running.

    You can only quit the application to "free up the ram on mac", there is no direct option to refresh just like you do in windows os. In Macbook air or Macbook pro you have to do it by quitting the application.

    How to Refresh Macbook Air Desktop

    How to Refresh Macbook Air Desktop

    If you have bought a new MacBook air desktop, and you are finding the refresh button to refresh your screen, then go to that application and click quit to stop that application. It is same as refreshing macbook air desktop. 

    You cant just refresh you have to quit that application that you are using on your MacBook.

    Macbook has removed the refresh option which was earlier seen in old macbook models like in early macbook air 2017 or macbook pro 2017 models.

    How to Refresh Page on Mac Keyboard

    How to Refresh Page on Mac Keyboard

    To refresh page on mac with keyboard you need to press Command button and R button both at the same time.

    If you are on any browser then that page will be refreshed after pressing these button at the same time to refresh your page on mac with keyboard.

    You can manually refresh page by clicking the round arrow button present on the left top side of the screen which will refresh browser on mac.

    These works on all mac version like macbook air 2020 , macbook air m1 , MacBook pro desktop and rest of the macbook models.

    What is F5 Key on Mac New Models 2020 , 2021, 2022 ?

    In windows F5 Key is used to refresh the screen or any application directly, but in new models of macbook it's not that same.

    You cant directly click F5 to refresh your screen. If you use Macbook air m1 2020 model then F5 used for voice recognition in your MacBook.

    You cant refresh with F5 in mac new models.

    F5 button functionality different from model to model of mac .

    F5 Refresh Equivalent in Macbook

    F5 in new mac models works for voice typing or for voice searching.

    You can't refresh mac with F5 because it function is different varies from model to model.

    F5 in windows used for refreshing or reloading the complete screen by just pressing the F5 button


    In mac operating system this reloading algorithm has been changed and you cant simply refresh it due to many Ram management reasons. 

    To refresh you mac use quit (by double tapping on that icon) instead of using F5 button.

    If you are using safari browser on mac then F5 equivalent is Command and R together. Click both of that button at the same time.

    How to Hard Refresh or Reload a Webpage in Safari Mac

    How to Hard Refresh or Reload a Webpage in Safari Mac

    If you are stuck on how to refresh safari on mac then you can do it by following just simple steps that will help you to hard refresh your MacBook devices.

    Open any webpage or website then click Command + R it will hard refresh that webpage on safari

    If you using other browser on mac like Firefox on mac or chrome on mac then use the same button to hard refresh the webpage.


    This war still continues which is better windows or mac. Windows require only one button to refresh using F5 button. While Macbook uses two buttons to refresh the page on browser.

    Command + R don't works on home screen of your MacBook.

    Command + R is used to refresh pages only present on browsers.

    For refreshing home screen you have to manually quit that application which works same as F5 on windows.

    If you have any "other macbook version" and you are "not able to refresh" it then drop your comment, I will try to solve that asap.

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