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Bgmi free royal pass kaise le sakte hain zust2help ? How to get free Bgmi royal pass free of cost. You don't need to pay any amount of money to buy bgmi free royal pass. You can get the royal pass for completely free.

Free Royal Pass Kaise le


Bgmi is banned in india but still rooter is they way to get free royal pass kaise le . Rooter is still giving free royal pass to so many accounts but some accounts are still facing issue from rooter to get unknown currency from rooter application.


Right now the developer of the top leading game also knows as Battle ground Mobile India has stopped the purchasing of uc from there back-end and its not started yet from their side.

Earlier there was three ways to get uc for BGMI. The three ways were Codashop , Official application, Rooter.

Right now coda shop is not working as it has also stopped selling unknown currency just after the ban of the bgmi game. Earlier many players used to buy the unknown currency from coda shop.


Free Royal Pass Kaise le

Because Codashop was having so many benefits like Cheap uc in bgmi and many more benefits like cheap cost. The price of uc compared with the game currency was lower in the codashop website thats why many gamers used to buy the uc from coda shop instead buying from the official game itself.

As the ban news came the Codashop Stopped working now people are looking to buy uc but there was only one option left .

And that option not many players knows about that because not most of the players use that rooter application. Free Royal pass kaise le .

Now those Players who knows about the rooter application started purchasing the unknown currency from Rooter .

When the developer of Rooter saw that people are buying the uc at a much faster than before so their team increased the price of the uc that they were buying from the Rooter application.

Now the Rooter application uc was too much high cost as compared to all the ways from where people were trying to buy the Unknown currency for the game BGMI.

In between there were so many viral application which are claiming that they can provide Uc at the same price as the coda shop were giving. But those application were fake and looting the money of common people.

Don't trust on Fake application no application is giving unknown currency for Battle ground Mobile India , right now.


The only application that is providing free uc is the Rooter application and we are giving the Uc for the first 100 people for free. Take your uc from rooter application by sending your player id in the comment box. Free royal pass kaise le ?

Drop Your Player id in the comment box so that we can give the uc from Rooter application . You can buy royal pass for free with uc.
You need 300 uc to buy the royal pass from bgmi game. We are sending 360Uc so enjoy with the extra uc that we are gifting to the top 100 people who are going to comment their user id in the comment box.

Comment your Player Id Below


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