Subway Surfers High Score in India | World Record 2022

 Subway surfers High score in India 2022

Subway Surfers High Score in India

Subway Surfer a most famous game in between children as well as in adults. This is a very popular arcade game in which a boy named Jake run to save his life from a policeman and his dog.

The main concept of this game is to guide the boy Jake from different obstacles like trains, barricade and dead ends. We have to guide the character to make Subway Surfers High Score in India.

The more longer we successfully guide the Boy Jake from obstacles , the more and more score we can accumulate.

There are three tracks in Subway surfer to run the Subway surfer Boy. If two tracks are blocked we can shift the boy in the Third track hence Saving him from die-ing.

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1 Million subway surfers high score

The download of this is increasing day by day. Because of the increasing number of internet users the Subway surfer High Score game downloads are also increase. Many new players are setting up new high records in Subway surfer. But still it's hard to reach on the top leaderboard in Subway Surfer.

As the increasing number of download can be seen, we can't imagine the number of high score that can be made and break again and again using these all new Subway surfer players.

Highest subway surfer score till Today 2022

As for now, in 2022 Subway surfer the highest score is 2,000,001,665 which is achieved by player named Karim Mayur.

Having this much highest score in Subway surfer is not an easy task to do. It requires a lot of effort along with patience to achieve this high score in Subway surfer.

Setting up a higher score in Subway surfer is a very much good achievement as to show others as its a very tedious task to do.

Subway surfer high score Cheats

There are ways to get high score in Subway surfer. Whenever you start again Subway surfer you have yo Start from 0 Points in total. So you have to be more focused towards making more and more points.

1. Collect More Booster and Multipliers

The more Booster and Multipliers you will have the more high score you can make in Subway Surfer High Score.

The multiplier in Subway surfer help you multiply the amount of point x2 or x3 depending upon the multiplier you have. The more multiplier you collect the more scores will be multiplied with itself.

Collect multipliers and Boosters to make Subway Surfer high score.

2. Use Two fingers

By using two fingers you can easily handle all the Panic situation that occurs in between making high score in Subway Surfer.

The more High score in Subway Surfer you collect the more speed it will run. So you don't have to Panic in between. You have to be calmed and focus on the upcoming obstacles to make high score in Subway Surfer.

3. Select Best Route

Sometimes in Subway Surfer you can use the high jump shoes and you can run on the top of the train where there is no obstacles and you can easily make high score in Subway Surfer.

You should always try to be on top while running, because the more time you stay on the top of the train the Highest you can score in Subway Surfer.

4. Character Selection

As you all already know, there are no special powers in any of the character in Subway Surfer Game. But still the you have to choose the character that you always use in General.

If you use the old character you like, there is a high probability that you can score high in Subway Surfer.

Select the best character and start to make the highest score and beat the leaderboard.

5. Use Power-Ups

There are so many Power-Ups in Subway Surfer that help you to get High score in Subway Surfer.

  • Those Power-Ups are like
  • Jetpacks
  • Super Sneakers
  • Coin Magnet
  • Multipliers
  • Mega Headstart

You can use these Power-Ups to boost up your game to make Highest Score in Subway Surfer. These Power-Ups will help you make some extra points will less efforts.

6. Always Use Hoverboard

Hoverboard is a great way of not die-ing by colliding in train. Hoverboard will give you an extra life, thus saving you from losing your hard earned point that you acquired.

You have to train your fingers that whenever you feel that you are going to collide from any object just Double tap on screen and activate the Hoverboard.

You have to be little fast while using this Hoverboard as it can save your life a lots of time. You can buy more Hoverboard from the shop at a cheap rate.

Subway surfers high score hack

Subway surfers high score hack

There are so many mod application present on the internet but those application are not safe to install.

Using Subway surfer high score hack there are so many fake Subway surfer high score but those scores are in different servers which is different from the main Server. So all the score made in Mod Subway Surfer is not displayed in Main Server of Subway Surfer.

The Mod APK Subway Surfer is not Safe to download and play as it can harm your Device and can install Malware in you phone.

Try to always use the application from PlayStore and don't ever use third party application from anywhere.

FAQ  Subway Surfers High Score in India 2022

Question- Highest score on subway surfers 2022

Answer- The Highest Score on Subway Surfer is 2,000,001,665 Till now.

Question- Highest subway surfer score without keys

Answer- The Highest Subway surfer score without keys is 2,000,001,660.

Question- Top 10 highest score in subway surfers
Answer- The top 10 highest score in subway surfer are

  • 2,147,483,647 By Harshal
  • 2 000 001 660 By Karim Mayur
  • 1 706 059 214 By Ruhanul i
  • 1 603 049 528 By Tiyagi
  • 1 602 332 322 By Ruhsa


This was the Subway Surfers High Score in India. You can take inspiration from them. Making the Highest score in games is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and patience to reach your goals.

So try your best and make a Good world record in your life.


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